Product Description


Product Description

Bollards are metal posts designed to catch the attention of drivers in order to prevent crashes around designated areas. … These bollard barriers are often installed outside of airports, banks, malls, schools or other popular locations

A bollard is a sturdy, short, vertical post. The term originally referred to a post on a ship or quay used principally for mooring boats, but is now also used to refer to posts installed to control road traffic and posts designed to prevent ram-raiding and vehicle-ramming attacks.

Bollards can help, but they must be appropriately constructed and installed. If not, they won’t stop someone who is determined to cause casualties. Bollards can help, but they must be appropriately constructed and installed

Automatic bollards work by using an access control device to activate a hydraulic system in the foundation housing; our automatic bollards have increased impact resistance due to increased security needs.

  • Safety: Our security bollards offer direct protection to a space and its inhabitants without having to compromise on aesthetics. Crash-tested and non-crash tested versions are available depending on the level of security you need.
  • Demarcation and guidance: Options such as parking bollards help to divide shared spaces. When integrated with LED lighting, they can also offer subtle guidance to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Aesthetic: Decorative bollards can add another creative dimension to a landscape or help to draw out its existing features, as well as offering an additional layer of protection.

What types of security bollards are available?
Many of our products come with a range of sleeve options, fixing types and foundation depths available to suit different styles, environments and purposes. Choose the right one for your project from the following options:

  • Stainless steel bollards are exceptionally strong and require little maintenance
  • Mild steel bollards offer a tough, simple and cost-effective security measure
  • Ferrocast® bollards provide a layer of security while being easily coordinated with traditional or contemporary landscapes
  • Concrete bollards range from the utilitarian to the contemporary
  • Natural stone bollards are clean and simple solutions made of high-quality granite
  • Decorative cast iron bollards come in classic and modern styles
  • Timber bollards can help to bring natural materials into an environment
  • Plastic bollards are low maintenance, cost-effective and durable
  • Telescopic bollards can function as temporary car park barriers and are fully retractable

Product Specification

Material Mild Steel
Brand VVS
Color Silver
Shape Cylindrical
Surface Finished Polished


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