Product Description


Product Description

Speed bumps is vertical obstacles used in traffic management—literal bumps in the road that jolt the occupants of a vehicle moving too quickly over them. They are the most commonly used structural traffic calming elements. They can be made from asphalt, concrete, plastic, rubber, or metal. Although these measures are related, and have many of the same benefits, they are not interchangeable solutions: they’re appropriate in different applications.


Wherever people and cars are in close proximity, traffic safety is of heightened concern. Near playgrounds and schools, in parking lots and multiuse areas, aggressive driving is a safety risk for pedestrians. Speed reduction is one way to protect people in these areas. Slower traffic speeds reduce both the likelihood of an accident and the chance of a fatality should one occur.



The detailed specifications of our speed bumps are listed below:

Speed Bump Heights:

  • Our 50mm speed bumps are suitable for slowing traffic to 10 mph
  • Our 75mm speed bumps are suitable for slowing traffic to 5 mph


  • All Speed Bumps are made from high strength PVC.
  • The bumps are also made from partly recycled material, which not only helps the environment, but cuts down on the price and saves you money!

Premium and Budget Ranges

  • Budget Speed Bump Sections are made from Black PVC with a yellow coating, Premium Speed Bump Sections are made from a pure bonded yellow polymer.
  • Our Premium yellow sections are molded using a combination of pure yellow PVC on the outer and a bonded inner black PVC. Premium speed bumps will never fade!
  • Both ranges have the same mechanical strength, neither will suffer from colour fade like some cheaper rubber speed bumps.


  • All speed bumps are available in yellow or black

Mechanical Strength

  • Can withstand repeated 44 Tonne HGV traffic
  • Designed for use with heavy weight traffic, ideal for industrial estates.

Other Information

  • Four Reflectors per Speed Bump Centre Section.
  • Can be cleaned with hot soapy water.
  • Colour and strength will not be affected by Clear Path and other similar weed killers.


  • Centre Speed Bump Section – 490 × 420 × 75 / 50mm
  • Shoulder Speed Bump Ramp – 210 × 420 × 75 / 50mm



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