Guard Tour Hardware - SGU9 Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Alloy Wand

BCS- The SilverGuard guard tour equipment - The SilverGuard RFID Wand (SGU9) , a hand-held guard tour reader. The SilverGuard SGU9 RFID wand is housed in a  Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy for unsurpassed durability in harsh guard tour enviroment.

The Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy is an electronic guard patrol system that replaces the traditional mechanical time clock used by security personnel. During a watch tour, the security officer on duty carry our handheld SilverGuard Wands (versions SGU9, SG5 or SG6). Using the hand-held reader, the security officer simply positions the reader next to each patrol RFID checkpoint to record the location, date and time of his or her patrol. Patrol Data is transferred via the Data Transfer Stations to a computer or to a Central Monitoring Station for processing. The SilverGuard guard tour equipment allows for the monitoring of field personnel. Our guard tour equipment is often used in industries that deploy and offer field personnel services. These products are currently sold exclusively through authorized BCS distributors worldwide.


  • - Material: Aerospace-grade alloy
  • - Weight: 200g
  • - Visual and Vibrate read confirmation 
  • - Water & Tamper proof with no button controls
  • - Reads 125KHZ RFID proximity tags of varying sizes
  • - Operating temperature: (-40 to 186 F) or (-45 to 85 C)
  • - Downloads directly to PC USB port to produce a variety of management reports
  • - Capacity: 5,000 reads before download. Light flashes when data is at 4,999 reads

- Battery: 3.6V rechargable Lithium battery that last for at least 60,000 reads before it needs recharging

Guard Tour Accessory - BCS SilverGuard Holster

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Guard Tour Accessory - Checkpoint/Incident/Media Tag

iButton Media Tags

BCS Guard Tour Technology works with Checkpoint/Incident/Guard Media Tags which are available in 3 forms:

  • iButtons
  • RFID tags
  • Barcodes

During the watch patrol, the security guard simply touches or scans the SilverGuard wand to the Checkpoint tag placed at various locations at the site to record the date and time of the guard’s patrol. The security guard may also scan an Incident Tag (contained in the Incident Wallet) to record an Incident (e.g. door open) associated with a Checkpoint, or scan a Guard Tag to identify the name of the guard performing the patrol. You can choose which type of Checkpoint/Incident/Guard Media Tag is best for your operation and budget, depending on the cost and the environment of the site.

“Touch Memory iButton”

 electronic chips are contained in a small button-shaped stainless steel casing, which is water- and shock-resistant Each touch memory button has a unique serial number. These buttons are usually mounted on the walls of the site to be guarded. The Touch Memory Button is a proprietary product of Dallas Semiconductor of Dallas, Texas.



RFID Media Tags

The  “HiTag 125khz”  and  “Unique World Tag 125khz”  media tags are housed in black epoxy which is water- and shock-resistant. Each HiTag/Unique World Tag has a unique serial number. These media tags require no external power and are usually mounted on the walls of the site to be guarded. The HiTag/ Unique World tags can be concealed behind non-metallic surfaces such as concrete, drywall, plastic, wood, etc. The HiTag is a proprietary product of Philips. The Unique World Tag is a proprietary product of Sokymat Identification.


  • - Water-resistant
  • - Shock-resistant
  • - Small and unobtrusive
  • - Easy to install
  • - Secure/unique serial numbers; no two are the same
  • - Housing: Black Epoxy
  • - Dimension: 20 mm diameter (SGP020)
  • - Dimension: 30 mm diameter (SGP030)
  • - Dimension: 50 mm diameter (SGP050)
  • - Dimension: 2 mm thick
  • - Range: up to 15 mm (SGP020)
  • - Range: up to 25 mm (SGP030)
  • - Range: up to 35 mm (SGP050)
  • - Temp: 40° to 85°C

Manufactured by Brooklyn Computer System  U.S.A Ney Jersy.