E-90 Access Control with Time Attendance

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Product Details

Features: Access control system with time attendance
• Distinguish Access Control for Door Entry and Attendance
• With USB,USB Flash Drive ,TCP/IP, RS485 communication mode
• Support fingerprint/password verification, EM/Mifare card verification optional
• software with salary function and flexible shift, and different kinds of reports
• Access control rights can be pointed a period time in weekday, and can point more than one manager 400Mhz ARM9 high speed processor
• 2.8 inch high resolution color screen
• Huge capacity and capacity negotiable
• Support Multilanguage
• Battery optional, electronic bell drive optional
• More customizable function even for some special requirements
• Excellent software for management of time attendance & access control
• Fingerprint / password identification, EM/Mifare Card verification mode optional
• With TCP/IP,RS485,USB flash drive, USB communication mode, parts of model with WIFI ,GPRS Press finger at same time to open lock